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Spring Blowout Sale

We want to extend a warm welcome to Samuel L. Esh as a new member of the market & the new owner of The Deli Station.

This is a VIP TEXT CLUB Coupon offer only!

Text ALL to 484-339-3900 to join our VIP Text Club.

Pre-Spring Blowout Sale!

The week of March 17 – 18 – 19, The Deli Station (which now has a new owner, say hello to Samuel) will have a blowout sale and provide a terrific loss leader to help grow our text club. Cooper Cheese will be a coupon to all VIP Text Club members that week for $3.99/lb. – Yes, you heard that right.
Text ALL to 484-339-3900 today so you don’t miss out. When you join, you MUST reply back with only a Y to confirm your choice, this is a security measure so no one can spoof your phone number and join you without your approval.

We want to get coupons rolling to help give customers something extra when possible, the coupons have to work through the VIP Text Club, and we also want it to grow so more folks can enjoy the benefits, so The Deli Station (Samuel) will probably be buying a large quantity, and he’s willing to take a huge beating on the price too (that’s why they call it a loss leader), to help the VIP Text Club grow as well.

Wow, what a terrific start to his entrance at market, and what a terrific deal to all VIP Text Club members.

Non text club members will have a chance to pick theirs up for $4.99/lb. without a coupon!

Please share our Facebook Post with anyone, everyone, whomever you think will love getting their Cooper Cheese for only $3.99/lb. during the week of March 17 – 18 – 19 here at the PA Dutch Farmers Market of Wyomissing.