Food Court

Our Food Court is where food, family, friends and fun all come together in one fantastic environment.
This area truly represents the market motto "Where Friends Meet Friends".
At market, you can find freshly prepared PA Dutch Meals, Snacks & Drinks. Ask for "Eat In" when ordering all of your favorite foods.


Beaver Dam Produce

Fresh, crisp Produce, Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Cups & so much more to enjoy.

Salad and fruit bar, Fruit Smoothies, Fresh cut fruit salad, Watermelon bowls, Fresh Squeezed Orange juice and Lemonade.


Becca's Gourmet Coffee & Donuts

Fresh Donuts, Delightful Loose Leaf Teas, Gourmet Arabica Coffee's and Beans.

30 Gourmet Coffee flavors to choose from, Espressos, Iced coffee, Frappes, Lattes, Teas Donuts, Fritters, N.Y. Bagels


Clover Hill Meats

Fresh Homemade Beef Jerky and so much more!

Our "Eat In" options are somewhat limited due to our scope of available products, however if you have never tried our Homemade Beef Jerky, then today is your day to give it a try. We'll be looking for you.


Fisher's BBQ & Fresh Poultry

Fresh, hot, delicious and ready to serve when you're ready to eat.

Fried chicken, Smoked Ribs and Rotisserie Chicken platters with two sides and a roll. Hot and mild sauces, sides, potato wedges, carrots, red potatoes, Fried chicken by the piece, Rotisserie Chicken, Smoked ribs and cold drinks.


Lil's Bakery

Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Whoopie Pies & much more to eat while you're here.

Fruit pies, Shoofly Pies, Lemon Sponge, coconut custard, Pumpkin Pie (in season), Breads, Raisin bread rolls Sticky buns, cookies, Sand tarts, Whoopie pies, Muffins, Cakes, Apple dumplings, Pumpkin Rolls, Sweet breads


Meme's Chocolates & Bulk Foods

Candies, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Pretzels, Chips & much, much more.

Asher’s Chocolates, Yummy Snacks, Veggie and Sesame sticks, Candy and caramel apples, Chocolate Strawberries


Salads & Desserts @ Smucker's

Fresh Salads and Desserts which can be eaten while here in our Food Court.

Homemade Chicken and Beef pies, soups Red beet eggs, Egg custard, Yogurt parfaits, Bread pudding, Peanut butter torte, Tapioca pudding, Fresh layer salad, Coleslaw, Pepper Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Potato, Pasta, Macaroni & Cucumber Salads too.


Soft Pretzel Corner

Breakfast & Regular Pretzel Wraps, Soft Pretzels, Hand Dipped Ice Cream & more.

Pretzel Wraps: Bacon or Sausage w/ egg and cheese, pepperoni, ham & mozzarella, Hot dog w/ cheese, Sausage w/ cheese, Steak w/ cheese, Chicken w/ bacon & ranch Fountain Drinks, Fresh squeezed lemonade, Lipton Iced Tea, Milk shakes, Root beer float


Stoltzfus Luncheonette

Freshly made PA Dutch style Farm Fresh Breakfasts served ALL DAY LONG!

Eggs, Omelets, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Sausage and Bacon Wraps, Hoagies, Pizza, Bolis, Hot and Cold sandwiches, Cheese Steaks, Hamburgers, Cheese Burgers, Hot Roast Beef, Country Sausage, Chicken Tenders, Grilled Cheese, Hot dogs, Fries, Onion Rings, Coke, Sprite, Barqs Root Beer, Iced Tea, Apple juice, Orange & Cranberry juice, Dasani Water.


The Deli Station

Beef Sticks, Gourmet Cheeses, Lunch Meats and so much more to "Eat In".

28 flavors of cream cheese spreads, 25 kinds of lunch meats, More than 50 varieties of cheeses, Beef snack Sticks, Hummus Beef and Turkey Jerkey Krieder Farms milk, Orange juice, Chocolate milk, Mocha milk Turkey Hill drinks, Buttermilk, Kauffmans Apple Cider.