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When I go to use Social Login, I get a notice from Facebook that this application can post and/or delete posts from my timeline, as well as other possible features. Why do I need to give you these permissions?

When we utilize the Facebook API, there are certain features that get granted that can be accessed by websites and programs designed to do so.

The difference is that we are simply using Facebook login to provide quick and easy registration without the hassle. We only receive your name, profile photo if available, and email address.

Your email address is needed to inform you if you have won the Contest. No other information is collected by us, and we do not post or delete posts on your account. Our Contest software is not even setup to do so.

If new features are made available in the future, the possibility may exist that the Contest could post/share your entry automatically if you ask it to do so. At this time however, we have no access to any features or abilities to do any such posting on your behalf.

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  • Patti says:

    hello can I use a photo that is similar from a previous year as all as it didnt win first place?

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    No, it is not necessary to Register on the site prior to entering a Contest. Actually, it may make it seem more difficult to get started by doing so.

    If you Registered manually (Not using Social Logins) via the website login process, you should have received an email showing your username and password. If you did not receive this email, please look for it in spam, junk, or trash folders.

    At any time, you can use the Forgot Password option on the standard login page to change your password to enable you to login again.

    Adding to your approved senders may help you receive important Contest related emails.

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    Screen Scrolling

    Depending on the device you are using to access the Contest site, may change how much scrolling you experience.

    The Contest plugin is basically meant to be the only content on the page, but users may need information to help get them started. This information is placed at the top of the page before the Contest, so every time you do something inside the Contest plugin, it will reload the page and scroll back to the top.

    We have provided somewhat of a solution for this issue to help keep your screen from scrolling so much. In the Contest you are currently involved with, look for the larger red and blue text that says “For Contest only page CLICK HERE!” and Tap or Click on the words CLICK HERE.

    This will open a minimal Contest page with reduced content to help enable you to work in the Contest with less frustration.

    We are limited to certain features that cannot be changed at this time, but we hope to keep upgrading the Contest site as time goes along.

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